Dear Denny…

April 6, 2011 at 1:37 PM (Fiscally Loons, Good Resouce For Loon Watchers, Participating is Patriotic, Politics)

Got an email asking me to  contact my Congressman regarding cutting Department of Defense budget instead of increasing it, as the GOP wants to do, while they are cutting the budget for everything else and creating some real hardships for a lot of good, productive Americans.

USA Action/True Majority makes it easy to be a part of the voice that doesn’t come from the paid propagandists or the bought-and-paid-for politicians the Hoarder Class hired to make Americans think it’s a good thing to be bent over and, um fleeced.   Not a bad mailing list to sign up for; they remind you to take your mad and do something useful with it. Better than just stewing about things until your potatoes get all burned up and the smoke alarm goes off.

If you want to send a message to your congressman about this budget, here is an easy method:

Click the link, or copy and paste it in your brower’s address bar.

You’ll get to a page where you put in your zip code and it brings up contact to  your congressman. It opens a message that you can add to. I added to mine, as Denny Rehberg just isn’t serving me, or the interests of my state and I am damned well calling him on it.  Again.

The robo form text is in blue in the quote of my missive to Denny below. You can just sign and send as it is, backspace it out if you don’t like the message and put it in your own words, or you can keep it and embellish with your own ruffles and flourishes, like I just did. My additions are in red, because, frankly, I am seeing red about the GOP trashing of America and hurting the majority of us while funneling more to those who already have most. I am seeing red at their attacks on necessary programs under the banner of the need to cut the deficit while they don’t actually do anything which  will really cut the deficit.

The House GOP’s proposed budget is upside down. It cuts important health care programs we need and increases spending in areas we do not, notably the military.

Please reject Rep. Ryan’s proposal and instead look first to the Pentagon for cuts. Stop being a blind partisan follower; that’s what got ya piled up on those rocks after that drinkin and boatin evening. Be a leader. Do what is right, not what the hoarder class and their hired hands in the GOP leadership tell ya to do. Get some gumption! Show me your head is more than just a place to hang that fancy hat you think fools me into thinkin’ you’re a hard working Montana rancher. That hat never shows sweat stains, Denny. Use your head, not that hat!

If the deficit is so critical, close the tax loopholes that allow companies like GE to turn BILLIONS in profits without paying taxes. Raise the capital gains tax, 15% is too low for the hoarder class who made fortunes on the infrastructure paid for by all of us and the labors of the average American worker! Raise the tax rates on the top 1%! And end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!

Those wars are only making more enemies for America, they are not making us safer and we all know it!

Stop chanting that we have to cut government spending while winking and giving a pass to that which costs us the most. Stop blaming the people with the least for the problems created to assure people with the most get even more!

We are watching, Denny, and so far, we have yet to see you take a bold stand for THE PEOPLE of Montana. Not all of us have FOX News/Noise in our ears and Koch tea in our eyes. When Japan got hit by the devastating events of last month, were you out there trying to make sure the people of Japan had food and the producers of Montana had buyers for grain and meat? No, you were too busy cuddling with tea bagging fools and Michele Bachmann, trying to raise funds for your senate run! Yeah, we noticed that. So, bigger and better for Denny is more important that hungry people and floundering producers who could be helping feed a nation in need?

War is OK but help for the most at risk is too costly? That is NOT a family value we can live with! Low taxes for the hoarder class DO NOT create jobs. Trickle down is a myth. People are dying so military contractors can make more and more money?

If the budget needs to be cut and deficit reduced, cut DOD and raise taxes on those who have hoarded so much already and have prospered in this economy where the bulk of good, decent, hard working Americans have already suffered so much and facing more still. Really, students, the elderly poor, working poor, and what’s left of the middle class has to keep tightening their belts while DOD contractors keep getting richer and not paying taxes? Really, Denny? No, it isn’t necessary and it isn’t right!

And please note my location. That, along with my words should tell you the jig is up on this business of saying what ya think we wanna hear while runnin’ with a herd that is dead set against our best interests. If somebody in my deep red ‘hood can see through the GOP budget dog and pony show, you know it isn’t playing like ya hoped!

We are watching. Do right by us.


~ attila the blond


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Democracy For America Night School

February 28, 2011 at 5:20 PM (Good Resouce For Loon Watchers, Participating is Patriotic)

Democracy For America offers free training for people who would like to take a more active role in being part of the solution.

Classes this March will run on Wednesday evenings at 6:30 PM, Mountain Time. Limited space so register as soon as you can @
  • March 2  covers Rallies
    • When are they appropriate/ when not
    • Logistics to help you hit your goal
    • Trainers for session from Common Cause
    • Case Study will be recent rally outside Koch Bros meeting
  • March 9 is on Press Conferences
    • How to get media attention
    • Effective, professional results
  • March 16 is on Petition Drives
    • How to plan and pull off effective drives
    • Empower citizens
    • Get the needed attention from elected officials
  • March 23 is on Constituency Meetings
    • How to set up meetings with officials or staff members
    • How to prepare for effective meetings
    • Setting up meeting agendas

Democracy For America’s previous Night School classes are archived and available from the above link.

Learning on the web is easy, fun, and might just lead to great things for you as you keep an eye on Legislative Loons who are not working in your best interests.

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Training for activists in Missoula, MT

February 28, 2011 at 10:30 AM (Good Resouce For Loon Watchers, Participating is Patriotic) (, , , )

Democracy For America is having a training session in Missoula March 26 and 27.

If you are annoyed that MT legislators think it is their business to spend time, and taxpayer money, overruling local Missoula citizen initiatives, might wanna check it out and see how to take action to effectively be a part of the solution.

Legislative Loons only win if we allow their actions to stand! Loon Watchers can stand up to bad legislative actions. It’s patriotic!

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