The people don’t approve of the budget fight shutdown threat, but GOP leadership has the scape goat staked out and ready for sacrifice

April 7, 2011 at 3:21 PM (Fiscally Loons, Loon Liars Pants on Fire, Musing on loon behavior, Politics)

Naive Tea Party Pols are about to learn a very hard lesson. Boo hoo for them, the fools!

The radical  freshmen all think they are changing/leading the party. That kind of cheerful enthusiasm is kinda cute, but not especially healthy. The GOP leadership has already laid track to send the tea party to oblivion for the whole budget  mess.

The ‘budget impasse’ is nothing but a GOP campaign strategy.

They have nothing  to run on except contrived emotional hot button ‘issues’.  The GOP has already come out and said Job One for the GOP majority in the House was to assure the defeat of Obama in 2012. They aren’t governing, they are campaigning and they already admitted as much.

The economy still sucks, but it is a bit less sucky which might make some folks think Obama isn’t so bad.

Obama is making slow headway, and the GOP will risk tanking the itty bitty movement toward recovery to keep him from a modicum of success. Too bad about the collateral damage to Americans.

What does a shutdown accomplish?

Nothing really. It doesn’t save money, it costs money. It doesn’t cure stupid. It doesn’t give anyone sweeter breath, whiter whites, or make life like we pretend the 50s were really Happy Days. Father still won’t magically know best and Mom will not go back to doing housework all pimped out in crinolines, taffeta, and pearls. The kids not will suddenly get great grades and be overwhelmed into angelic behavior by simple pearls of  parental wisdom.

Nah-ah. It won’t cure baldness, bunions, or  change the fact that the majority of American voters did, indeed, put the black guy in the White House, either.

Really, what does a shutdown accomplish?

Aside from the obvious, that no one will be on the other end of the line when you call for some government service you have become accustomed to, here is some of what a shutdown will do:

Furloughed federal workers will be NOT paying taxes for the time they are forced to take off.  But the government’s bills will keep coming in, even with the shortfall in revenue when those federal workers not getting paid will also not be paying taxes like they do when allowed to show up for work.

Furloughed federal workers will NOT be much inclined to be open their wallets on Main Street, save for the very basic essentials like milk and bread.  Main Street businesses will still have bills coming in, but less business to help them meet their obligations.

Government backed home loans won’t get done. That will hurt.

Payments for programs that family farms rely on to help fund projects which are good for the farms and good for the environment will not get made. That will hurt.

The troops will not get their pay on time. That not only hurts, it is an unforgivable breach of the social contract between America and those who risk it all to protect America.

If the budget really mattered to the GOP, the deficit would not go up so much during GOP administrations in the Oval Office and GOP majorities on the Hill.

If the deficit really mattered to the GOP, they would make sure the Hoarder Class and hugely profitable corporations pay their fair share in taxes and they would close a lot of loopholes. Oh, and they would end those damned wars that only benefit the Military Industrial Complex.

If  ‘support the troops’ was anything buy a slogan to play on emotions, the GOP would not be seriously toying with the idea of holding up the troops’ paychecks as a campaign tactic.  What a moral abomination, sending our troops into harm’s way so some corporations can reap huge profits, and access to oil, then play fast and loose with those troops’ pay checks.

The people are not pleased.  But it’s all good for the GOP. In rovian fashion, they will blame it all on those tea party loony freshmen legislators.  It’s all their fault. Yep. The REAL GOP is all about being grown ups ‘n stuff. It’s those irresponsible, inexperienced newbies on the Hill causing all this ruckus.

Of course, the tea party movement is a concoction of the real powers that be in the traditional GOP. And the tea party pols who got themselves swept into office were fools who thought they could change anything and get themselves writ into history books. Ego stew is a nasty brew, but it makes for crowd pleasin’ party food. But the party never lasts as long as the ‘guests of honor’ assumed it would and pretty soon they find themselves standing outside the prom with stains on their pretty clothes.

That the GOP has set the teaparty fools up as the fall guys is just S.O.P. They pander to a radical group for an election cycle or three, then when their overreach is too evident to ignore, they blame the group they pandered to for making them do it.

The tea bagging fools should have noticed how the GOP exploited then discarded the Christian Right. They don’t learn from history. The REAL GOP is a very small, very elite group that pretends to be all folksy while they are wooing, screwing, and undoing the people they trick into voting for them.

~attila the blond


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‘You Lie!’ <— one guesses it is projection, since THEY lie.

March 7, 2011 at 10:31 AM (Loon Liars Pants on Fire, Loon News)

WI official lied (in court, isn’t that, like, um PERJURY?) that protesters did about $7.5 MILLION worth of damage/mess to the capitol building.

Jeff Plale, administrator of state facilities for WI, made the guesstimate in court proceedings where GOP guv and legislative loons were arguing for restrictions on public access to their public building.

Boy,  somebody’s crony was gonna make a killing on THAT clean up, huh? Or Walker has been ordered by some fat cat to cough up another gimme for about that amount. Remember, he gave tax breaks for businesses for about the sum he claims the state is in the red over, and blaming the hard working public employees.

Besides pulling that $7.5 Million number out of someone’s ass at best, and need to hide some other use for that sum at worse, many protesters and some union painters scoffed at the clean up estimate and even volunteered to do it for free. What the duck are legislative leaders and/or Gov Don’t Make Me Fire You up to now that they need cover for a chunk of cash?

Well, the Walker mal-administration and GOP pols in the building are walking it back now.

They admit it will be about $350,000 to clean up. Big difference from what was stated in court.

Walking it back because they got caught in a rather obnoxious lie and liable! Mendacity, such a good word for the actions of legislative loons, comes to mind.

Wonder how Dane County Judge John Albert feels about the governor’s aide who flat out lied, using the ridiculous clean up estimate to argue that protesters had to be kept out of THEIR capitol building! Perjury comes to mind.

Some people who actually were in the capitol, protesting, said the clean up  will mostly involve wiping down the walls to kill germs from so many people there during flu season. Seems they should be doing that routinely anyway. Any badgers out there know about basic routine cleaning at that lovely building? Thinking it  looks pretty clean and spiffy, which suggests the state spends $ regularly cleaning it anyway. Would love some badger backup of my hunch!

attila the blond

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