RE: Montana GOP efforts to overturn voter initiative on medical marijuana

April 6, 2011 at 7:18 PM (Musing on loon behavior, Politics)

Figured it out. It isn’t about a wish to keep folks from getting all relaxed and in an altered state. They aren’t being mean and just trying to deny sick people some relief when pills fail.  It’s not about trying to prevent any danger of addiction. Hells bells, the governor proved the legislators are deep into getting relaxed and in altered states, well beyond feeling any pain.  He called up the stats regarding liquor sales in Helena when the boys are in town every other year. The numbers were pretty impressive and supported the fact that a lot of pols are fine with addictions, as long as it’s  addiction to some form of aged  liquid. Yessiree, they loves them some altered states.

Gotta be about who gets the money for altered state inducing supplies. Seems likely the GOP loons trying to undo the will of the people are probably looking out for the interests of Big Pharma and Little Tavern Keepers.  Wonder what is influencing that $ort of effort.  We have already been treated to one very small (minded) tavern keeper/part time pol telling us how important it is to let drunk drivers be. Why, it’s an economic necessity! It’s an important part of our heritage!

When I was young, the question commonly asked of fools behaving badly was  ‘stoned or stupid?’ Seems likely that needs an addendum:  Stoned, stupid, or hypocrite on the take?

Those ol boys love their drunks on the highways, but don’t want anyone getting high at home, even if it is just to manage overwhelming pain.  When pot providers start sending checks, I ‘spect the pols will look upon the humble weed with a more loving gaze.

~ attila the blond


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