Sill Fine to Text While Driving in Montana

March 19, 2011 at 11:48 AM (Loon News, Politics)

Somebody get this one out to the deer and antelope playing near Montana’s highways and county roads ASAP!

Those loony buffoons who want to overturn the wishes of Missoula voters and meddle in the sex lives of Missoula renters, do not think it’s the business of government to say no to TWD (texting while driving).

Senate Bill 251 would have let police pull a driver over for using a cell phone to send text messages, with a $100 fine for violators.

The Senate rejected the proposal Friday on a 31-18 vote.

So, what local voters approved for their local areas re not allowing landlords to discriminate on tenants based on sexual preferences is the stuff the state government should try to overturn?  Giving law enforcement the tools to stop drivers from engaging in dangerous distractions, probably saving the lives of many,  some of whom are  young and less experienced drivers and anyone on the roads with them,  is not something government should do?

Yeah, it’s not like there are ever bad road conditions, snow, blowing snow, snow on ice, ice, wind that can move a cow, cows (alone or in herds being moved by ranchers), deer, antelope, or other people on the roads.

Drivers in Montana have nothing to pay attention to, right? Sure, let them use their thumbs on devices so small it requires both hands to be close together, not on a steering wheel! It’s not government’s business to set standards and laws that might keep people safe on public roads. Sure, let people engage in conversations which require their ears and eyes to be distracted from what might exist on the road ahead! It’s not like there is anything or ANYONE who might cause a hazard that needs to be dealt with quickly.

Sadly  Legislative Loon-acy is not endangered in Montana. Drivers on public roads, well they are endangered and quite likely to remain so beyond the naturally occurring risks.  Good judgment is rare with recent legislative crowds. Common sense just ain’t common.

Well, Governor Schweitzer did point out that liquor sales go up in Helena when the state legislature is in session there.

-attila the blond

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