‘You Lie!’ <— one guesses it is projection, since THEY lie.

March 7, 2011 at 10:31 AM (Loon Liars Pants on Fire, Loon News)

WI official lied (in court, isn’t that, like, um PERJURY?) that protesters did about $7.5 MILLION worth of damage/mess to the capitol building.

Jeff Plale, administrator of state facilities for WI, made the guesstimate in court proceedings where GOP guv and legislative loons were arguing for restrictions on public access to their public building.


Boy,  somebody’s crony was gonna make a killing on THAT clean up, huh? Or Walker has been ordered by some fat cat to cough up another gimme for about that amount. Remember, he gave tax breaks for businesses for about the sum he claims the state is in the red over, and blaming the hard working public employees.

Besides pulling that $7.5 Million number out of someone’s ass at best, and need to hide some other use for that sum at worse, many protesters and some union painters scoffed at the clean up estimate and even volunteered to do it for free. What the duck are legislative leaders and/or Gov Don’t Make Me Fire You up to now that they need cover for a chunk of cash?

Well, the Walker mal-administration and GOP pols in the building are walking it back now.

They admit it will be about $350,000 to clean up. Big difference from what was stated in court.


Walking it back because they got caught in a rather obnoxious lie and liable! Mendacity, such a good word for the actions of legislative loons, comes to mind.

Wonder how Dane County Judge John Albert feels about the governor’s aide who flat out lied, using the ridiculous clean up estimate to argue that protesters had to be kept out of THEIR capitol building! Perjury comes to mind.

Some people who actually were in the capitol, protesting, said the clean up  will mostly involve wiping down the walls to kill germs from so many people there during flu season. Seems they should be doing that routinely anyway. Any badgers out there know about basic routine cleaning at that lovely building? Thinking it  looks pretty clean and spiffy, which suggests the state spends $ regularly cleaning it anyway. Would love some badger backup of my hunch!

attila the blond


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