WI: Staff of absent DEM State Senators locked out of copiers

February 28, 2011 at 2:13 PM (Loon News, Politics)

OK, now some Legislative Loons in WI are taking it out on staff just trying to do their jobs of responding to the public

Per a  motion from WI State Senator Scott Fitzgerald, Chairman, of the WI Committee on Senate Organization, time sheets of staffers of the DEM Senators who left to prevent a quorum now must be reviewed and certified by the majority leader.

Until further notice from the Majority Leader, timesheets of any employee appointed by a Senator who is absent without leave for 2 or more session days shall be reviewed and certified by the Majority Leader rather than the employee’s appointing authority. Until further notice from the Majority Leader, all copy machine access codes shall be deactivated for any Senator who is absent without leave for 2 or more session days. If an office requires assistance in making copies to respond to an open records request, the office may request the assistance of the Sergeant at Arms, who shall ensure that the cost of the copies is charged against the Senator’s office expense account. In addition, the Chief Clerk shall charge the office expense account of each such Senator for the use of the office printers. The amount shall equal the “per click” amount the Legislature is assessed under its printer maintenance contract.*

Ok, I can almost see the point re time sheets, after all, the staffers’ immediate supervisors, the elected officials who blew town to protect public workers’ right to maintain union bargaining power, are not there to keep track.  But face it, this  is really an attempt to bully and intimidate the staffers, using them as whipping posts. It is the sort of intimidation Legislative Loons like to pull to get their way when all logic shows them to be on the wrong side of things.

But copier restrictions? What the duck? Staffers of state senators who flew the coop need special permission and help to make copies? Boy, the loons really want to make it difficult for voters and the staffs of their elected representatives to do the people’s business! Some loons are just plain anti-representative democracy, we reckon. It is more important to the loons to punish and interfere with public employees/public servants who are really trying to take care of constituents than to make sure democracy, that covenant between The People and Their Government works on the day to day basis.

Bad Loons! No fish for you today!


attila the blond

* PDF of motion by Legislative Loon here: http://big.assets.huffingtonpost.com/SCAN_01_0.PDF

A tip of the birding binoculars to Huffington Post for helping spot this Legislative Loon-acy!


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